Three Exercises for Lower Back Pain

3 Essential Exercises for Your Lower Back

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Exercise for lower back pain should be about the mobility of the hips and back first and foremost. Strong abs and back muscles will keep the hips and back in a neutral position that alleviates pain. You must be able to hold the hip and back position through all daily movements. Thus, you must have to develop and maintain muscular strength and endurance for both your spine and abs (core).

1.) Stretch your hamstrings!

The hamstrings control the angle of your hips, which in turn controls the angle of your lower back. Doing this alone can be the trick to eliminating your back pain. Here are some examples:

2.) Activate your mutifidus

What?!?! The multifidus (multifidi, pl.) is a series of small muscles that run from the sacrum (tailbone) to the axis (C2, second cervical) and are responsible for extension and stabilization of the spine. The best exercise for this is the prone cobra although depending on your pain you may need to start with an easier progression, see below:

3.) Strengthen your transverse abdominals.

Not just those six pack abs that we all wish we had, but the transverse abdominals that are the most important muscle of your “core.” They are responsible for keeping the spine and hip locked in place when moving and is the main muscle in stabilizing the core. The best exercise for strengthening this muscle, dyna disc crunches:

These 3 exercises are easy to do and require no special equipment. Try to commit to this exercise routine for 10 days, and let us know how it worked for you.

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