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  • Health Outcome is helping validate what I have learned as a physical therapist; surgery should be attempted only after failed non-invasive care. Getting input from thousands of cases will clearly help people avoid unnecessary and sometime damaging care.

    Marc Guillet

    Founder of Agile Physical Therapy
  • Health Outcome will empower patients to make informed decisions about their care and is a novel tool to obtain the voice of the patients for medical treatments. It serves as a working model for the medical community as we strive for increasing patient participation and better outcomes.

    Dr. John Cooper

    M.D. at Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Health Outcome is an invaluable forum that curates all available therapies and makes it easy for a patient to research and and educate themselves about the effectiveness of evidence based treatments for their condition.

    Dr. Oliver Aalami

    Professor Vascular Surgery, Stanford Hospital
  • Health Outcome has the most comprehensive database of foot treatments rating to date. In my 39 years of practice, I’ve been treating numerous patients and learning from their experience and as a result view Health Outcome as a crucial resource for patients to learn about tried and true treatments.

    Dr. Richard T. Koenigsberg, D.P.M.

    Principal at Remington Podiatry Group
  • Aggregating medical and non-medical treatment outcome data is a critical tool in informing healthcare practitioners about what treatments might be most effective for a particular patient.

    Noy Birger

    Health Policy Expert

Avoid unnecessary & harmful treatments

Multiple studies reveal that 25%-50% of all healthcare treatments are unnecessary and frequently harmful.

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Back Surgery, Just Say No!

84% of Health Outcome patients who had back-pain surgeries self identity as being "In Pain"!

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About us

Health Outcome is the first platform for patients to rate and review their treatment experiences and help find treatments that cure.

Although there are 51 million surgeries conducted in the U.S. annually, there is no meaningful data on medical treatments or surgery outcomes available to patients or physicians. We are actively addressing this void of outcome data with a platform built to capture the voice of the patient.

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