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Get a personalized ​exercise plan based on the experience of thousands of patients like you together with a proven methodology from leading spine physicians.

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Our plan is based on evidence from 73,235 patients

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Rated treatments for Lower Back Pain

Our patient community answered more than One Million health questions and made us the largest patient outcome repository. Our patient data which continues to grow daily, sheds new light on the best and worst treatments for chronic back, knee and foot conditions.

Researchers from the Stanford Bioinformatics department have examined and validated our patient data.

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Program guided and run by experts

Benefit from the knowledge of leading Spine physicians

Our ​exercise program is guided and supervised by leading spine Physicians that pioneered non-invasive and highly effective exercise-based therapy.

Your online expert

Our online coaches are licensed Physical Therapists. They are guided by our leading Spine physicians who rely on our extensive treatment outcome data.

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Unlimited daily communication with your coach

Our health coach will answer your questions daily and will send you specific exercise videos that you can do at your home or office.


Get your health score and ​Exercise plan

Once you complete your treatment history and pain questionnaire, we'll calculate your health score and present specific exercises you need to do with the help of your ​health coach.

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How it works

Upon joining the program we’ll assign you to a personal coach who will guide you through the program.

As you start, you will complete a detailed questionnaire about your condition, describing the treatments you already tried so we can learn what worked and didn’t work for you.


Using a secure messaging app, your coach will answer your questions daily and will send you specific exercise videos that you can do at your home or office.


You can send as many questions and messages to your coach as you need 24/7, and your coach will answer your messages in a few hours at the most.

Health Score

Based on your answers, and the answers of more than 10,000 orthopedic patients with your condition, such as back-pain, we'll calculate your health score and your coach will tailor a personalized ​exercise program for you.

As you make progress, you’ll update your pain level and functionality profile, so we can provide the guidance you need as you get better.

What Doctors and Patients are saying about us

  • Dr. Oliver Aalami

    Professor Vascular Surgery, Stanford Hospital
    Health Outcome is an invaluable forum that curates all available therapies and makes it easy for a patient to research and and educate themselves about the effectiveness of evidence based treatments for their condition.
  • Dr. Richard T. Koenigsberg, D.P.M.

    Principal at Remington Podiatry Group
    Health Outcome has the most comprehensive database of foot treatments rating to date. In my 39 years of practice, I’ve been treating numerous patients and learning from their experience and as a result view Health Outcome as a crucial resource for patients to learn about tried and true treatments.
  • Noy Birger

    Health Policy Expert
    Aggregating medical and non-medical treatment outcome data is a critical tool in informing healthcare practitioners about what treatments might be most effective for a particular patient.
  • Dr. Lawrence M. Oloff, DPM

    Foot and Ankle Surgery/Podiatry S.O.A.R
    Health Outcome opens up a new source of treatment outcome information that is invaluable for both doctors and patients. As a surgeon and lead researcher on achilles tendonitis, I welcome an evidence based treatment approach to curing the most painful and costly foot injuries
  • Marc Guillet

    Founder of Agile Physical Therapy
    Health Outcome is helping validate what I have learned as a physical therapist; surgery should be attempted only after failed non-invasive care. Getting input from thousands of cases will clearly help people avoid unnecessary and sometime damaging care.
  • Dr. John Cooper

    M.D. at Palo Alto Medical Foundation
    Health Outcome will empower patients to make informed decisions about their care and is a novel tool to obtain the voice of the patients for medical treatments. It serves as a working model for the medical community as we strive for increasing patient participation and better outcomes.

About us

Health Outcome provides an online exercise and coaching program for chronic orthopedic patients. Our exercise recommendations are based on information from 40,000+ patient treatment outcome records combined with a non-invasive methodology from spine experts.

Our team combines successful software entrepreneurs, data experts and spine physicians that revolutionized non-invasive care for spinal disorders.

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