About Us

Health Outcome provides chronic orthopedic patients with an online exercise program. Our exercise recommendations are based on information from 40,000+ patient treatment outcome records combined with a non-invasive methodology from spine experts.

Due to a lack of patient outcome data, orthopedic patients must make life-changing decisions based on non-specific, inconclusive, and sometimes contradicting information.

To provide evidence-based recommendations and exercises for Orthopedics patients, we collect patient outcome data and use it to evaluate which specific therapies and exercises work and which do not. Our patient community already contributed more than 40,000 detailed self-reported patient outcome records, answering over 600,000 structured questions and rating over 300,000 treatments.

Our extensive patient data allows us to have an effective evidence-based, online healing subscription program that is continuously improving. We match each patient with a licensed professional who helps the patient fight their chronic condition (such as back pain). Our patients communicate with their therapists via a secure application and receive specific suggestions and exercise videos.

We analyze our patient outcome data using machine learning algorithms, which together with the professional experience of our licensed therapists allows us to recommend the right exercises.

Health Outcome healing program is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to evaluate. Our patient data is continuously growing and improving. Our online program already demonstrates high patient satisfaction and significant pain reduction and as a result, improved employee health and reduced cost.

Health Outcome team combines successful software entrepreneurs, data experts and spine physicians that revolutionized non-invasive care for spinal disorders.

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