About Us

Health Outcome was founded in 2015 in Palo Alto, by Ofer Ben-Shachar, a recognized Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

After suffering multiple chronic injuries, Ofer had surgery on the peroneal nerve near his right knee. Although the well known surgeon promised complete recovery, the result was the opposite, including constant pain and inability to drive or perform most activities for six years. To his surprise, no one from the medical community (his doctor, the hospital, or his insurance company) contacted him to learn about the result of his surgery.

Unfortunately lack of follow-up is typical for most surgeries and other medical treatments. As a result there is no meaningful patient outcome information available for most medical treatments and surgeries with the exception of death. This is despite the fact that there are over 51 million surgeries conducted in the U.S. every year and many other medical treatments. As a result, a full one third of all treatments is unnecessary or harmful according to a study by the National Academies of Science & Medicine.

Thus, Health Outcome was created. We address the lack of treatment outcome data by capturing the voice of the patient. Our mission is to help people see treatment ratings and options for their condition, based on the aggregated experience of patients like them.

We owe a huge thank you to our community for joining us on our journey and helping us create, in a short time, the largest patient-based treatment outcome database for orthopedic conditions.

Our site is endorsed by leading physicians and health policy experts. See more at: Physician and Health Experts Testimonials.

We have many more resources about the lack of patient-reported outcome data and the devastating impact it has on patients. See more at: Unnecessary Treatment Studies.

As we continue to build a thriving community, we welcome your opinions and feedback. Please contact us at info@healthoutcome.org and share your treatment experience at our patient outcome questionnaire.